give yourself more mobility

Massage Therapy

Do you suffer from:
Sore Neck and Shoulders
Stress, Anxiety or Depression
Headaches or Migraines
Lack of Energy
Back Pain or Bad Posture
Tired or aching muscles

Would you like some solutions to your problems?
Let me show you how to reduce your pain, increase your core strength and improve your flexibility and mobility.
I offer a range of healing modalities that can improve the flow of energy (Qi) through your body, balance and release blocked energies, reduce your pain, improve circulation, increase muscle function and joint mobility. Reduce stress and anxiety.

We all like to get some money back from our health funds for our massages. We are a provider for all major health funds.

Remedial Massage

Including Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Release, PNF Stretching and Muscle Energy Technique. This type of Massage is particularly good for painful or chronic conditions and to restore mobility to the joints.

Sports Massage

Pre and post event massage. Injury treatments and rehabilitation.


There is an old saying: your body is like a machine and your feet are the control panels. Working the energy lines and reflex points in your feet stimulates healing in the corresponding functions and areas of the body relative to the points worked. Ancient wisdom that is still very relevant today.

Horstmann Technique

Is a gentle body work technique that is suitable for all ages. Horstmann therapy can release blocked energies that cause pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. This therapy is particularly good for lower back and hip pain, neck and shoulder tightness. Horstmann also releases blocked energy flow giving you a more positive outlook and general sense of wellbeing.